Dictionary of artifacts de Barbara Ann Kipfer

Portada del libro
Portada del libro



A Dictionary of Artifacts is for students, archaeology professors, archaeologists, museum staff, archaeology volunteers, and general readers who want informative definitions in accessible language about the vocabulary describing artifacts. More than 2000 entries cover all aspects of artifacts: specific artifact types, prominent examples of artifacts, technological terms, culture periods, words associated with the making of and description of artifacts (including materials and methods), principles and techniques of examination and identification, and terms regarding the care and preservation of specimens.

Artifacts are anything made and/or used by humans, including tools, containers, manufacturing debris, and food remains. The coverage includes vocabulary used to describe artifacts (e.g., plaited, tenoned), vocabulary concerned with their discovery, analysis, typology, dating, and conservation (e.g., cordage, seriation), and types of basic artifacts (e.g., abrader, milling stone). This is neither an encyclopedia nor an encyclopedic dictionary. This book does not include architecture (e.g., building components, features) or specific historical artifacts (e.g., the Hope Diamond). Only very major subtypes are defined; for example, not every type of adze, point, or ware is included. Major time periods are included, but only the ones that are fairly uncontroversial and those referred to in the definitions of other entries.




Dictionary of artifacts

Referencia bibliográfica:

Kipfer, Barbara Ann. Dictionary of artifacts. Blackwell Publishing. 2007



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